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Get the ultimate camera lens set for mobile photography and video. This camera lens set for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other mobile devices consists of our essential three lenses (Fish-Eye, Wide-Angle and Macro) necessary for capturing the perfect photograph every time. With an additional Polariser camera lens, this 4-in-1 kit allows you to capture vivid photographs in harsh sunlight - preventing your photos from looking washed out and de-saturated.

  • A wide-angle lens (0.67x magnification) with the option of twisting off to use as a macro lens (15-23mm focal length).
  • Fish-eye camera lens with a full 180º angle of view.
  • Polariser lens for capturing vivid colours in harsh day light.
  • Universal connection works with all mobile devices.
  • 4-in-1 camera lens set for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and most other mobile devices.
  • Made of high-quality aluminum, multi-coated optical glass with high-grade lens coating.
  • Great for photographs and videos.

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