Tek88 USB Type-C Cable (1m)



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Tek88 USB Type-C Cables allow you to connect to all compatible devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones which have a USB Type-C (USB-C) charging port. Tek88 USB-C cables are produced to the highest quality standards and are fully compatible with all USB-C devices.

  • Slim and sleek Type-C connector tailored to fit mobile device product designs, yet robust enough for laptops and tablets.
  • Features reversible plug orientation and cable direction.
  • Supports scalable power and performance to future-proof your solution.
  • Type-C is the future of USB technology.
  • Slim form factor to support evolving design trends.
  • Backwards USB protocol compatibility.
  • Cable made from exceptionally durable materials.
  • Anti-interference and compatible with all USB versions.

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