Zendo Nanoskin Full Cover w/ Screen Protector (Red) - iPhone 6/6s




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Get the optimal protection for your iPhone 6/6s with Zendo's ultra-thin 360º protective Nanoskin case with tempered glass screen protector.

  • 360° Protection - Made in three parts including a custom screen protector, NanoSkin cases provide unparalleled 360 degree protection.
  • ​​​Featherlight - At only 0.6mm, the only thing you’ll notice about your NanoSkin case is how good the soft rubber material feels in your hand.
  • Tempered Glass - Every NanoSkin case includes a 9H grade scratch resistant and shatter-proof tempered glass for the optimal screen protection.
  • Full Access - All your phone's controls are quickly and easily accessible thanks to precise cutouts in the NanoSkin case.
  • Soft Grip - A rubber coating is applied to the NanoSkin case for a beautiful finish and a great soft touch in your hand.
Martene 09/06/2017

I've really enjoyed this product because it has protected my phone well, and is perfectly slim! Unfortunately, after a few weeks of use and a couple of falls the plastic starts to crack, and a few pieces have fallen off!

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