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The LMP iToolkit 2 offers the precision bits and practical tools needed to perform repairs and upgrades on vintage and latest Apple devices alike. The magnetized bits can be mounted easily onto the driver handle while the tools help you to open up the devices. The bits and tools can be stowed away cleanly in the iToolkit 2’s hard-top box. The iToolkit features 18 magnetized bits for basically all Apple macOS and iOS devices (i.e. MacBook/MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iPad, iPhone) as well as 7 tools.

25-in-1 iToolkit gives you ultimate DIY power

If you prefer to do most of the repairs yourself, this set will have you covered. LMP iToolkit 2 toolkit is a 25-in-1 type of repair companion which you can use for all of your Apple repair needs. It does not matter if you are trying to replace a screen on an iPad, or change a home button sensor on the iPhone - you will surely have all the right tools at your disposal.

Various different tools for universal compatibility

This kit comes with an array of tools, tips and other bits which can be used on all of the Apple devices that include iPads, iPhones, iPods and Macbooks. This toolkit set might also be used on other mobile phones and tablets, meaning that you may be able to do repairs on more than one brand devices.

Thin and ergonomic for precision repairs

Each tool in this set has been designed to be thin, yet comfortable to use. This allows great precision when dealing with tiny components in cramped spaces, which is always the case whilst repairing Apple devices.

Magnetic and easily interchangeable tips and bits

You do not have to worry about the clutter as magnetic tips and tools allow you to store them away conveniently. Most of the screwdriver tips are also magnetic, meaning that all you need is just one handle which saves spaces.

Compatible with iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and other devices

Whether you need to do repairs on an Apple iPhone 1st Gen, or an iPad 2017 - you can be certain of having all the tools needed to complete the job. Due to the number of tools added, you may also be able to repair other gadgets and mobile devices.

Please note: You must have the right training and/or skills to be able to repair Apple devices, hence we claim no liability or responsibility which may arise due to lack of training, mis-repairs or other reasons. 

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