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Floome measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and sends the results directly to your smartphone. How does it work? Just plug it into your smartphone via a standarad audio jack, open the mouthpiece and blow - no batteries required.

After downloading the app, select your weight, gender, height and age. Connect Floome to your smartphone, turn the mouthpiece towards you, and blow. The app will estimate how long it takes your body to dispose of the estimated BAC. If the app shows you a red screen after the test, your alcohol level is over the legal limit in the country where you are while testing. Wait for the estimated recovery time suggested by the application, and then repeat the test.

  • Connect Floome to your smartphone via a standard audio jack, like normal headphones, turn the mouthpiece towards you, and blow.
  • Floome utilizes the same sensor of the breathalyzers used by most law enforcement officers around the world.
  • Set your weight, gender, height and age in the app to personalize the results, and the recovery estimates according to your body characteristics.
  • Floome offers several additional services, like: finding nearby taxis and restaurants, sharing test results with your contacts, and keeping track of the results by providing additional information such as the absorbed calories.

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