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The Most Versatile Wireless LED Flash & Fill Light for iOS and Android devices
iBlazr 2 is the most advanced light source designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. This flash also comes in handy when using DSLR cameras, lighting analogue photography, brightening nighttime video calls, or simply functioning as a small but powerful flashlight.

Works With Your iPhone Or Android Native Camera App
iBlazr 2 is the only LED flash light that works with native camera apps on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. Pair it via Bluetooth, open the native camera app and make a double tap on iBlazr 2 rear side to activate the flash. Picture will be taken automatically.

Adjustable Colour Temperature
Want to get up close for a fancy portrait? Choose your warm light setting. Need a powerful cold flash, instead? Change the setting to 5600K mode. This flexibility will allow you to shoot photos that look more natural, professional and creative.

Use Multiple iBlazr 2 LED Lights To Strengthen Light Output
The clip is designed with a silicon coating that works with any mobile device that is 0.24" to 0.37" (6 mm to 9.5 mm) wide. It clips to both the lower edge of an iPad Air 2 and the upper edge of an iPhone 4. With multiple clips you can use an array of units to enlarge the total amount of light you require.

Powerful LED Light For DSLR And Analogue Film Cameras
Take your most compact light companion with a cold shoe to your next filming, you will be both surprised and delighted by how useful and bright it proves to be!

Turn The iBlazr 2 Into A Table Lamp
Not only does the flexible charger charge the flash, it also functions as a lamp stand allowing the Blazr 2 to provide illumination in a variety of situations even when you're not taking photographs. The flexible charger is 15.75 inches (400 mm) long and able to hold not just the iBlazr 2 flash, but a heavy smartphone as well.

Get The Most Out Of iBlazr 2 With Spotlight App (iOS & Android)
The Shotlight app for iOS and Android is designed to provide a better experience using its primary options, including adjusting the brightness of the iBlazr 2 LED Lights (iBlazr 2 is 30% brighter within the app), changing the light colour temperature, and adding more flashes to an array of units (up to 10 devices). Each individual unit can be single-tuned within the Shotlight app.

Technical Specifications:
Illuminance (power of light):
Using Shotlight App:
Flash mode - up to 300 Lux at 1m
Constant light - dimmable 0 to 120 Lux at 1m
Using Native Smartphone Camera App :
Flash mode - up to 200 Lux at 1m
1st power mode - 20 lux at 1m
(similar to smartphone flashlight)
2nd power mode - 120 Lux

LED color temperature:
3200К to 5500К

Battery capacity:
130 mAh (approx. equal to 300 flashes)

Constant light duration:
1st power mode – up to 1 hour
2nd power mode – up to 30 min

Bluetooth smart syncing:
works with native camera apps & Shotlight companion app

Temperature sensor:
to prevent the overheating

Riana Pienaar 07/12/2017

Very neat little flash. I will definitely need 1 or 2 more. Well built and easy to use.

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