Darth Vader iKlips iOS microSD Card Reader

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A new hope in iOS portable microSD expansion storage as it touts Lightning on one side and female Micro USB on the other. Its tumbler body is fun for the office and doubles as a viewing stand for your device.

  • Supports microSD memory cards up to 256GB - Instantly expand your device's memory by up to 256GB or simply use it as a Micro USB-to-Lightning adapter.
  • High quality & unique design - File management comes naturally through using it as an external drive on PC or with the intuitive iKlips app. DARTH VADER iKlips is strong and secure as well as memorable when set in its dark and unique dock.
  • Star Wars at your work station - Feel the relaxing power of the bobble base as it instantly takes your mind off of all those e-mails. Turn it over to use as a stand for your iPhone while enjoying movies on your device.
  • Compatible with any iPhone or iPad case - With the extended Lightning connector and overall design you can easily use it with any rugged iPhone or iPad case, including an OtterBox.
  • Design for you and me - Sharing should be simple. It doesn't get much simpler than this. Klip it, save it and share it. Give your DARTH VADER iKlips to your friend and what's yours becomes theirs. Photos, documents, movies, whatever. Magic.
  • Apple MFi-Certified. Best quality ever - Lightning/Micro USB two way transmission to manage your files while charging. No need to worry about your battery when backing up your entire photo collection. Enjoy sharing life more efficiently.
  • Supports 4K video direct recording - Access any file type from your device.
  • Easily transfer to and from multiple platforms - iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Smart TVs.
  • Cable Free Multitasking Made Easy - Lightning/Micro USB/microSD card 3-in-1 connector - Transfer and charge at the same time. No internet, no iTunes, no computer. It's always iOS and Android friendly.
  • Supports exFAT file system - no limit to individual file sizes.
  • Genuine Star Wars & Disney authorized - an eternal and instant collectible.
  • MicroSD memory card is not included.

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