The Ticwatch Pro Wear OS Watch Launches with ‘Dual Screens’

One of the biggest problems with modern smartwatches is battery life. Companies all over the world have tried various methods to increase the battery life of their devices, including making them bulkier, decreasing the brightness of the screen, removing certain features and including novel charging methods. All these efforts, however, have been nowhere near as effective as the likes of Pebble that have removed the bright battery draining screen for a more old school monotone one. This is where the new Ticwatch Pro is looking to stand out from the crowd.

AI company Mobvoi's approach is to develop a new type of display that sips energy, so that it can last up to 30 days and has been used in the Ticwatch Pro. So what makes it different and how does it work? It's actually something called a "Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN)" LCD sitting on top of an OLED. The top layer is transparent when it's not activated, and you can just see the colour display running Wear OS.

Mobvoi says the Ticwatch Pro's 415mAh cell can sustain Smart Mode for about two days. When it reaches low battery, or when you want to, the watch can switch to Essential mode. This uses the FSTN display only, and will just show the time and date, as well as keep tracking steps and heart rate. On a full charge, Essential mode can last up to thirty days, according to the company.

Unfortunately we have had opportunity to give the Ticwatch Pro’s battery claims a proper test, but the company's tradition of making well-rounded wearables for affordable prices will continue with this costing $250. In addition to the new display tech, you'll also get a heart rate monitor, NFC for mobile payments, music streaming over Bluetooth as well as IP68 water resistance, which is a lot of features at this price point.