The Samsung Galaxy S10+ Will Come With 5G

We have been awaiting the latest standard in smartphone connection technology to be rolled out, with previous reports stating that we can’t expect wide adoption of 5G until 2020. Lately, however, the rumours point towards an earlier launch.

Now we have new reports out of South Korea that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will come with 4G (LTE) and 5G versions at a later point in time. It seems that Samsung is planning on releasing all three models with 4G support — ‘q’ versions would presumably signify devices running a Qualcomm chip while non-q variants would have Samsung’s own Exynos chip and availability of each would vary by region. The larger variant is the only one planned to receive 5G at this point, however.

Qualcomm and Samsung both have 5G modem solutions — the Snapdragon X50 and the Exynos 5100, respectively — but a multitude of factors will contribute to whether and when this extra Galaxy S10+ comes out.

We could also see a five-camera Galaxy S10 coming out even later. In the meantime, we’re waiting on an October 11 event for what we expect to be a four-camera phone.