This New Nokia has Five Cameras on the Back

This year has been all about the three camera smartphone, with Huawei kicking off the trend with the P20 Pro. We are expecting several others to have a similar setup, including LG and Apple.

Now Nokia is going to take this idea to a new level, rumours and leaks indicate. We first heard about this potential five lensed device back in February, but now we have a picture of a prototype in the flesh. It does seem to be credence to the various rumours, as it’s built exactly as suggested in previous reports. However, we still can’t say for certain whether this is the real deal or not.

Five cameras, a flash, and a sensor of some sort can be spotted on the back of this Nokia. The ZEISS branding is clearly visible, as the company got back in Nokia’s corner a little over a year ago.

Identified as the TA-1094, it is still not clear whether this penta-lens Nokia might end up becoming the Nokia 9 or Nokia 10. Reports claim that the five ZEISS-certified cameras on the back have clear individual roles. There will apparently be one for telephoto, black and white, colour, and blur, in addition to multi-lens pixel synthesis capabilities.

HMD recently became the owner of the PureView brand inherited by Microsoft after the Nokia acquisition. It is unclear whether or how it will be used on Nokia phones. Just an unclear as the purpose of this device, but we’ll have to do it with this leak until we know more