Apple Tops Interbrand Best Global Brands List For 6th Year

Apple has ranked #1 in the Interbrand Best Global Brands List for a 6th consecutive year, beating Google at #2 and Amazon at #3. Other brands in the top 10 are Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes, Facebook and McDonald's. The only other smartphone brand to appear in the Top 100 list is Huawei at #68. Sony, ranked #61 in 2017, has dropped out of the list in 2018.

Interbrand scores brands on ten brand strengths: clarity, commitment, governance, responsiveness, relevance, engagement, differentiation, consistency, authenticity and presence.

Apple's brand value has increased by 16% since last year, mainly due to three factors: engagement, differentiation and consistency. 

Engagement is defined as the degree to which consumers/customers show a deep understanding of, active participation in, and a strong sense of identification with, the brand.

Differentiation refers to the degree to which customers/consumers perceive the brand to have a differentiated proposition and brand experience.

Consistency is the degree to which a brand is experienced without fail across all touchpoints or formats.

Interbrand calculates Apple's current brand value to be $214 billion, or about 1/5th of the total company value. This means the Apple brand name alone, even if the company was striped of all its cash and assets, would still be valued over $200 billion.

Google has also performed consistently well in the Interbrand list, ranking in 2nd place also for the 6th consecutive year. Responsiveness, Relevance and Presence were Google's top performing Brand Strength factors.

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