Apple To Release Three New iPhones in 2019

Apple is planning to release successors to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in 2019, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

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Internally codenamed D43, the updated iPhone XS Max is expected to have three cameras on the back. The third camera will give the device a longer zoom range and a wider area of view. It will also capture extra pixels, allowing for post-processing capabilities such as adjusting when a photo's subject has been accidentally cut off in the original shot. Apple is reportedly also planning an update to Live Photos, which will double the length of Live Photos from three seconds to six seconds. 

Apple has reportedly been testing versions of the new iPhones with a USB-C port, indicating they could soon be replacing the Lightning port that has been standard on all iPhones since 2012. A switch to USB-C would mean the new iPhones could be compatible with the same chargers used for many other devices, including Android smartphones.

Besides iPhone, Apple is also expected to be releasing an updated lower-cost iPad and a new cheaper iPad Mini this year, according to the same Bloomberg report. The new iPad will have a roughly 10-inch display, a new processing chip, and is expected to retain the Lightning port, even though the latest iPad Pros have already made the switch to USB-C. The iPad Mini is long overdue for an update, considering it's been four years since the latest iPad Mini's release in 2015.

The latest version of Apples mobile operating system, iOS 13, is also expected to be released this year. The new update will include a Dark Mode, updates to CarPlay, as well as iPad-specific updates such as a new home screen and the ability to tab through different versions of the same app like tabs in a browser.