Apple to Snuff 3D Touch, Launch New HomePod and AirPods in 2019

We are weeks away from Apple’s 2018 launch event – where we will get the new range of iPhones – yet we are already getting an idea of what Apple is planning for 2019. According to AppleInsider, the Cupertino technology company will launch a new version of their popular AirPods towards the end of 2019, likely to be dubbed the AirPods 2.

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These claims come from a meeting between Barclays analysts and Apple suppliers. Not only did this meeting bring us news of the new AirPods, but we are also expecting a new version of the HomePod, most likely to be a smaller, more affordable model. This news shouldn’t be any surprise, as the original HomePod has seen lacklustre sales since launch.

The most shocking news comes in the form of a supposed software feature change. 3D Touch has been around for a couple of years now, but according to this report it will be omitted from the 2019 version of iOS (and therefore the new iPhones). These plans are of course not finalised, but it does open up some intriguing questions about what would lead to such a decision. Is 3D Touch not really used? Are they cooking up a better way to interact with the software? Does it have some effect on the display?

While this news is very interesting, we are salivating for the iPhones to be launched in September.

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