Aukey Optic Pro Ultra Wide-Angle Camera Lens



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  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens: Upgrade your smartphone camera lens with an expanded 238° field of view. Ideal for capturing wide landscapes, large buildings & other structures, big group shots, and tight interiors
  • Unique Close-Ups: Use the super-wide angle to take spectacular close-ups with a unique perspective. Make your subject stand out and give your images impact. For better performance, you may need to take off the phone case
  • Premium Material: Crafted with aluminum alloy for high durability & deluxe feel, and coated multi-element glass to minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other light artifacts
  • Easy Use: Attach the included clip to the wide-angle lens and fix onto almost any mobile device in moments, then just align accurately with the device camera for a super-sharp image. The lens and lens clip fit firmly and are easy to adjust, yet the soft contact points ensure they won’t scratch or mark your devices

Note: Not compatible with the dual-lens cameras of phones such as iPhone 7 Plus

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